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Menya - Director

Menya holds a Bachelors Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

He grew up with his mother whilst his father was in prison. His father later came out and supported them with school. His mother passed a while after and his father 2 years after that.

Menya's uncle helps him to connect with people beyond Uganda and sponsored his university studies. Menya worked for two years at an auction office.

Due to his own experiences, Menya has become passionate about helping less privileged people.

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Sande - Vice Chairman & Outreach Manager

Sande's parents died when he was 16. He didn't get to finish school because he had to look after his sister. A short while after, he had a son, unfortunately his son's mother also died soon after. Sande attended the orphanage with his sister after their parents' death. He then became one of the young men helping at the orphanage trying to raise donations and eventually became Director, this role has now been transferred to Menya.

Sande's drive for helping the orphaned children is rooted in his own experience of being an orphan.

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Masinde - Treasurer

Masinde grew up in the village with his grandmother, his sister and his brother. When he was young one of his parents died and he began fending for himself.

He went to school for a short while but was unable to attend university.

He came across the orphanage and was good friends with one of the boys at the orphanage (Sande) and began to help at the orphanage.

He has a passion for helping the children at the orphanage because he grew up with his grandmother and without parents, and wants the children to grow up and have a good life.

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Daniel - Welfare Officer

Daniel grew up with his grandparents in the village and lived with his Uncle from age 14.

He was friends with Sande who was the Director and decided to become a welfare officer. He is now the live-in caretaker and welfare officer at the orphanage.

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David - Assistant

David grew up with his mother. At age 10 his mother passed, he then lived with his aunt in the village who sent him to school until age 20.

He used to plant trees at the orphanage before becoming a volunteer. Daniel was friends with the Director (Sande at that time) who brought him in as a cleaner and an assistant for the matron.

As Daniel was also an orphaned child, he wanted to help the less fortunate children.

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