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We at Hope for Joy Child Centre welcome all donations and all support. Whether you want to send some school items or clothes to our P.O box or whether you want to donate towards the projects at our orphanage, we thank and welcome you all.

You can contact our staff via the "Meet the staff" page or our "contact" page.

if your donation is sent using paypal, please be sure to mark it as a gift.

A little goes a long way.




Many people have tried to gather donations under false pretences on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms using the name of this orphanage as well as actual pictures of the children here. This is the official and only website for Hope For Joy orphanage. The people and contact information given on this website are the only certified workers and points of contact at the orphanage, only contact them in regard to assisting the orphanage. 

Any donations given to none approved people (people not verified on this website) cannot be accounted for or refunded by us. 


Please be safe and careful.

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