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Hope for Joy Child Centre

What we Do !

We are Hope for Joy Child Centre, based in East Africa, Uganda. Founded in 2010. Situated 900 metres away from a road that leads to Kampala, we have - with the help of fundraising and donors - created a comfortable environment for 39 children who are growing in number.

The children who we care for were brought to us when their parents had passed, or were found living as street children along road sides and in abandoned houses. 


We are a religious based organisation, living and teaching the peace, wisdom and unity of the Torah. We are still renting a place where the children stay but hopefully, with your help, we are going to buy a piece of land in which the construction of larger buildings can be made. The buildings will serve as a school, hostels for the growing number of children to sleep and stay and a farm for us to cultivate and harvest crops. We are also planning to start the rearing of animals, such as cows, goats, hens and more.


We are kindly requesting for your support towards our orphanage. 

Bless you all.

Please donate towards hope for joys cause and help us create a happy and prosperous life for our children. 

Help us to spread the word and share our organisation with your family and friends via social media platforms.

We are on a mission to establish and create a safe place in which the children can live, learn and grow into responsible, caring and self sufficient adults with a sturdy foundation.

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